My Rabbit Has Spondylosis

My Rabbit Has Spondylosisspinal problem in rabbit, Rex doe, spondylosis, audrey pavia, city stock blogI thought Prudence was going to leave me, but with proper medication, he seems to be doing better.Tough times for my Rex doe, Prudence.Tough times for my Rex doe, Prudence.apaviaMy Rabbit Has Spondylosis By Audrey Pavia, Urban Farm contributorMonday, December 31, […]

Christmas Horse Ride

Photo by Audrey Pavia Being able to ride my horse around the town where I live is always special, but doing it around Christmas time is magical. On Sunday, my friend Michelle and I saddled up our boys and headed out onto the bridle path. I was riding Milagro and ponying Rio alongside. Michelle was […]

Horse Kisses

Photo by Audrey Pavia Teddy, my friend’s horse, like to kiss me. Today was cold and cloudy with a bit of a drizzle — the closest thing we get to Christmas weather in the lowlands of Southern California. So, my friend Michelle and I decided to take it in by going for a trail ride. […]

As the Egg Turns

Photo by Audrey Pavia Mr. Molly and Mr. Mabel are involved in some serious chicken drama. I have long chuckled at the nonsense that goes on between the chickens in my flock. Alliances, squabbles and all-around drama make chicken-watching a great pastime. But this week, I recently found myself more than just observing the shenanigans; […]

Can a Horse Fetch?

Rio, my Spanish Mustang, has decided he enjoys a little game of fetch.

Nursing My Injured Rooster

City Stock Blog – Nursing My Injured Rooster – Urban Farm Onlineinjured rooster, injured chicken, cut chicken foot, injured chicken foot, veterinarean, city stock blog, audrey paviaThis is how I helped my injured rooster. My rooster had a large wound on his foot. Here’s how I fixed it.apaviaNursing My Injured RoosterOne of my roosters wounded […]

Prepping for a Natural Disaster

Audrey Pavia Keeping farm animals in the city can be a real hoot. Follow freelance writer Audrey Pavia’s adventures in Southern California with a yard full of urban livestock, including horses, chickens, a Corgi and an urban barn cat. She somehow manages all these silly critters by herself while working full-time. And you thought “The Simple Life” […]

My Old Bunny Rabbit

City Stock Blog – My Older Bunny Rabbit – Urban Farm Onlinetaking animals for granted, older animals, bunny, rabbits, Audrey Pavia, city stockTaking your older pets for granted is, unfortunately, easy.I won’t take my older bunny rabbit for granted anymore, since I don’t know how much longer I have them.apaviaMy Old Bunny RabbitI won’t take […]