Gettin’ a Goat Fix

Courtesy of iStockphoto/Thinkstock These little cuties can be so sneaky! As urban farmers, we are often limited in how many animals we can keep. My 1/2-acre suburban farm is comfortably full with three horses, three dogs and eight chickens. I don’t really have room or time for goats. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want […]

Large Baby Chicks

Photo by Audrey Pavia Maybelline, one of my chickzillas. I had no idea how fast my baby chicks would grow. Every day, it seems like they are visibly larger than the day before. It was barely two months ago when they were tiny little fuzz balls, peeping incessantly to help mom keep constant tabs on […]

Vet Visit

Photo by Audrey Pavia Rio (left) and Milagro couldn’t be more different when it comes to dealing with the vet. I’ve been very fortunate that my two Spanish Mustangs, Milagro and Rio, have been healthy so far. I’ve had my share of sick horses in the past, so it’s a real blessing to have two […]

Extended Family

Photo by Audrey Pavia Baby Jo has taken to mothering my other hen’s chicks. My three chicks are 1 month old now, and they are out and about in the yard with the rest of the flock. They stay close to their mom most of the time. The rest of the time, they are with […]


Photo by Audrey Pavia This little thing will be all grown up soon, and I can’t wait to watch the process. My chicks are now almost 2 weeks old, and I can’t believe how fast they have grown. A day of so after hatching, the smallest one couldn’t jump 2 inches from the outside pen […]

Bandit and Rio

A Corgi and a horse find a way to amuse themselves.

New Arrivals

Audrey Pavia Keeping farm animals in the city can be a real hoot. Follow freelance writer Audrey Pavia’s adventures in Southern California with a yard full of urban livestock, including horses, chickens, a Corgi and an urban barn cat. She somehow manages all these silly critters by herself while working full-time. And you thought “The Simple Life” […]

Rio and Jeremy

Photo by Audrey Pavia Jeremy used to be Rio’s biggest advocate. Rio is renowned among all my horse friends as a pain in the butt. He wants to play 24/7, and that means he’s always trying to put anything he can in his mouth: his lead rope, the halter, you hand, your hat, your clothes, […]

Waiting on Babies

Photo by Audrey Pavia Betty Jo is one of the hens sitting on a clutch of eggs in my coop. Baby Jo and Betty Jo are sitting on a clutch they laid in the coop. They take turns, so I’m assuming the clutch has eggs laid by both hens. When the eggs hatch, it will […]