surplus chickens
Chickens on the Farm

Chickens are an integral part of the homestead. Find the perfect breed to suit your needs, whether you want eggs, meat or show birds.

broody chicken
Broodiness in Chickens

Read about some basic egg laying, broodiness and other behaviors you can expect with your laying chickens.

Protect your livestock from predators like coyotes.
Protect Your Livestock From Predators

The USDA estimates that predators (wild and domestic) cost farmers and ranchers almost $100 million annually in livestock losses. Learn how to protect your livestock from becoming prey.

Berkshire pig baby
Berkshire Pigs For Small Farms

Berkshire pigs are an excellent choice for farmers who want to raise heritage livestock with a taste consumers appreciate.

Trailers: To Hitch or to Haul

The right trailer to hitch or haul can help you carry animals down the road to a new pasture, or across the country for a show or sale. The right trailor will make the job safer and easier.

plan for fencing on your farm
Planning for Farm Fencing

Before digging into your pockets to purchase farm fences, create a fencing plan that’s both legal and effective.

A tractor is an expensive purchase, so take your time and do your research before you shop the market.
Tractor Shopping Guide

If you’re thinking about investing in your first, or just new, tractor, we’ll help you get ready to head to the local dealers.

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