Guard Bees Are Here To Save The Day

An organization in Kenya has devised an ingenious, humane way to prevent elephants from eating and trampling farm crops: bees.

bag of mandarin oranges
Farm Business: Welty Mandarins

A citrus grove established in the 60s takes on new life with a new pair of owners working their way toward full-time farming.

Blue Heron Farm profile
Farm Business: Blue Heron Farm

Inspired by The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Lisa and Christian Seger have turned their land into a thriving goat dairy farm.

5 Farm Memoirs To Inspire You This Summer

If you’re looking for a lighter read this summer that will continue to connect you to the land, pick up one of these memoirs for a peek into other farmers’ journeys.

The Book For The Lactose-Tolerant Cook

Let dairy farmers and cooks from across the country share their best recipes with you in this comprehensive cookbook exploring all things milk-based.

The Book For Rediscovering Farm-to-Table

With his multi-year chronicle of everything involved in a farm-to-table meal, Kurt Timmermeister will help you deeply understand growing and raising food.

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