Hibiscus For Heart Health

This tropical plant has a native-growing cousin that can be added to your herbal medicine cabinet.

sesame, sesame field
Growing Sesame In The Home Garden

This tropical plant has been bred to grow stateside in your own garden—and the benefits of doing so are plentiful.

Meadowsweet And Its Connection To Aspirin

Salicylic acid, whether isolated or contained within a medicinal plant, can be helpful to many people, though it’s important to exercise caution when using it.

blue cohosh
The Shy Blue Cohosh

This woodland herb with mysterious blue coloring is particular in its growing habits, and it’s delicate way of living is under threat.

blue flag
Growing The Blue Flag Iris

A symbol utilized by pharaohs and kings, this beautiful flower has potential as a remedy, as well.

Mistletoe: More Than A Parasite

Although mistletoe is known to live off the energy of its host tree, it also provides food and habitat for various wildlife.

christmas cactus
Cacti For Christmas

These Brazil-native houseplants show their true colors just in time for the holidays.

English ivy
The Ivy At Christmas Time

Once popularly paired with holly, English ivy over time fell out of favor of home decorators preparing for winter.