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4 Tips to Rescue a Honey Bee Swarm

Let’s face it—bee swarms happen. Here’s how you can capture one successfully, help it survive and get more honey in the process.

How to Help a Honey-bound Hive

Bee hives overfull of honey or pollen indicate a bee colony that’s outgrown its hive. Use this advice to prevent a swarm and keep the honey flowing.

The Scent of Healthier Bees

Photo Courtesy of Scott Bauer/USDA Agricultural Research Service/Forestry Images Here, a varroa mite is on the back of a honey bee. In the 1940s, researchers working to solve the health challenges of American foulbrood in honeybees found that these amazing creatures can smell diseases in their own developing brood. Hives practicing good hygiene can detect […]

Building Environmental Literacy

Courtesy Ben Laterell Students in Portland, Ore., get to learn about installing gardens, cooking organically and selling at farmers’ markets thanks to a Classroom Earth grant. Teachers across the country face similar challenges on a day-to-day basis, but what do teachers Remy Dou of Miami, Fla., James Lorenz of Minneapolis, and Tom McKenna of Portland, […]

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