Babydoll Southdown sheep
Breed Profile: Babydoll Southdown Sheep

Also known as Teddy Bear sheep with a smile, Babydoll Southdown sheep are an adorable, docile and versatile breed that fits in well on many farms.

Nubian goats goat breed
Breed Profile: Get To Know Nubian Goats

Within the past century, Nubian goats have become one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. Learn where they come from and their distinctive traits.

Mya B's Egg Company
Meet Mya, The 8-Year-Old Egg Entrepreneur

With little more than a dream and some money from the Tooth Fairy, this little chicken-keeper started Mya B.’s Egg Company—and business is booming!

llama llamas
Llamas Make Great Small-Farm Livestock

Llamas make excellent guardian animals, and their demands make them ideal for small farms. Here are a few things to know before getting a llama.