How to Build a Trellis

Several years ago, I built a trellis for a clematis in our front garden. We quickly established that that I had built it too small.

Angle Grinder Shopping: The Buy

After brushing up on tools and motors during my tool-shopping expedition, I spent some time on the web looking at my options and reading reviews for angle grinders.

Tool Torque and Trade-offs

When comparing drills, grinders, circle saws and other rotating tools, available torque is the important factor.

7 Daily Tractor Maintenance Tasks

Before revving up your tractor’s engine for the workday, use this daily maintenance checklist ensure this important piece of small-farm equipment is running smoothly.

Tool Shopping: Check the Amps

For a guy who likes tools, I really hate shopping for them. I want to add an angle grinder to my shop and have started the process.

Neat Ideas … If Only I Remembered Them

Does anyone else ever get “neat idea” overload? I recently received an email with photos of neat ideas—like using a comb to hold a nail to be hammered … no more bruised thumbs!