I want to tell you about something exciting that happened to us this weekend! It was twilight Saturday night, and Mom was sitting with Uzzi and me, enjoying the cool of the evening. We were all zoned out when Mom said, “What’s that?”

How to Deal with Aggressive Roosters

Our rooster all of sudden turned on us and keeps going after us every chance he gets. He was never this way before. How come? —Gayle

Can I Milk Sheep?

Sheep milk is very rich, but you’ll need dairy sheep instead of meat sheep.

Blackberry Leaves for Pregnant Livestock

Mom was gazing out the window at the snow this morning and wondering when spring will come to the Ozarks. She wants to gather wild blackberry leaves for our ewes because she fed last year’s supply to my girlfriend, Katy.

Working Goats

Last week, Katy the Alpine goat gave birth to my newest kids. They’re a boy named Ranger and a girl named Rapunzel. They’re cute! Ranger is so colorful that Mom says he’s going to become a working goat and pull her wagon and cart—maybe even go in parades!

Goat Health: Copper Deficiency

Hi Martok, I’m a Pygmy goat wether and my brown coat is rough and turning light orange on my legs and tail! My mom suspects a copper deficiency, but I frequently nibble on a low-protein, loose mineral for goats, which contains copper. …

Takin’ Pills

Have you ever tried to give your dog or goat or horse a pill? Most of us animals don’t like pills, so I bet it was a job.

turkey vulture
Nature’s Cleaning Crew: Vultures

Sometimes people ask our mom, “What is your favorite bird?” They think she’s kidding when she says “the vulture,” but she’s not.