Woven-Wheat Valentines
Woven-Wheat Valentines

The inspiration for these handmade Valentines come from a traditional English craft and can be customized as gift toppers, corsages, ornaments and more.

dehydration dehydrated food preservation
12 Foods That You Need to Dry

Think beyond dried apples and kale chips—there’s a whole garden of fruits and vegetables waiting to be preserved in your food dehydrator.

7 Ways to Keep Alliums for Long-term Use
7 Ways to Keep Alliums for Long-term Use

Have an excess of onions, garlic, shallots and leeks? Make sure none go to waste with these tips for storing, preserving and using your favorite alliums.

onion onions
Crop Profile: Onions

Enhance your cooking by growing your own varieties of onions and other members of the allium family.

5 Creative Uses for Basil

Basil doesn’t have to be relegated to the spice cabinet. Make it the shining star in one of these home or kitchen projects.

How to Make a Gourd Bowl
How to Make a Gourd Bowl

Inspired by the three-sisters garden, this Southwest-style bowl is perfect for storing dried peppers or other produce.

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