Rick Gush
Cactus Fruit

Although I could easily grow cactus fruit in my area, I just don’t have the room. Here’s how you can take advantage of growing this simple and delicious crop.


On my quest to find a great story for Chickens magazine, I found some great flocks.

Figs Gone Wild

Figs pop up everywhere out here in Italy!


Photo by Rick Gush Even in the middle of winter, I can cut a few good stems from my marjoram plant. It seems a bit early; it’s the end of August, and we’ve already hit a wall with the vegetable garden. The cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, beans and corn are all done for the season, so […]

Backpack Farm

Praise for Backpack Farm and its KUZU Doctor program, straight from the hospital bed.

Building Bottle Walls

Not only aesthetically pleasing, bottle walls are also quite strong.

Montbretia – The Beautiful Weed

Photo by Rick Gush This blooming montbretia brightens up my every corner in my garden. Don’t take weeds for granted. At the moment, my favorite plant in my garden at the moment is a weed from South Africa called montbretia, or crocosmia. Sure, we are now enjoying our annual flood of squash, tomatoes, beans and […]

Urban Farming in Amsterdam

I was in Amsterdam last week for two days of meetings, so my wife and I tacked our summer vacation onto the trip.


Innovation and progression are the key to a successful agricultural future.