The Farmhouse Reveal

With most of the hard work behind us, I’m delighted with how our farmhouse has turned out and what I envision it evolving into as we finish furnishing and decorating it.

Unpacking the New Farmhouse

When we started decluttering our old house to prepare it for sale, I was completely unaware of the amount of stuff we had accumulated over the years—I mean, I knew we had a lot of stuff, but not this much.

Don’t Balk at Caulk: 5 Tips to Make Caulking Easier

The devil’s in the details, or so the saying goes. I have to admit that some of the repetitive chores involved in the finishing details of remodeling a house have tried my patience—and my back.

5 Tips for Staining Stairs

You might think that applying four coats of varnish to our front door would make me an expert on the subject, but you’d be wrong—or so it seemed when it came time to stain and seal the stairs and handrail.

How to Organize Your Closet

I’ll be the first to admit I have a problem. It consumes my daily thoughts. My problem? Organization.

Showered with Tile

Last week, I mentioned coordinating my kitchen backsplash tiles with our shower tiles. Subway tiles (without the beveled edges and whistles) are an economical and timeless choice for tile jobs—and once tiles are installed, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

DIY Backsplash to Make Kitchen Cleanup Easy

Does your kitchen have a tile (or at least easy-to-clean) backsplash? If you’re a messy … I mean somewhat over-enthusiastic cook who tends to spread the food love to your surroundings, a backsplash is a necessity.

Let’s Do Laundry!

For years, I’ve dreamed of having a folding station in my laundry room. Originally, I used large table that resembled a kitchen island, and then it morphed with the purchase of my first front-load washer and dryer set into the lovely countertop covered machines splashed across magazine pages today.

Hood on the Range

A range hood is necessary in every kitchen that has a cooktop, not just for alleviating those smoky mishaps but also for removing excess moisture, grease, gases and fumes.

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