Cleanup on Aisle Farm

If there is one thing you can count on as a constant during renovation (and even new builds), it’s cleaning.

From All Sides

There are some milestones in the building and remodeling realm that make all the difference in your perception of the design and progress. Exterior siding is one of them.

Up to (Electrical) Code

When filing for permits through our local building inspector’s office, claiming farm exempt during our farmhouse renovation has saved us a lot of paperwork headaches and money for inspection fees.

Peeling Back the Layers

Saving original farmhouse details, such as wood mouldings and fireplace surrounds, might sound like the cheapest option during a renovation, but that isn’t always the case.

Kick Back: Porches Are Covered

Porches are must for homes across the U.S., but particularly for southern homes. They serve many functions: welcoming space for visitors, respite for homeowners, entertainment space, house transition area and pet perch to name a few.

Top That Counter

While we’ve tried to tackle most of our home renovation projects on our own, there was one project that seemed well outside our realm of skills and physical abilities: countertops.

Laying and Grouting Tile

As you might have noted from my previous post, we chose to hold off on finishes like flooring until after we painted the walls and ceiling. (My smartest reno decision to date, at least in my opinion!)

I Think I Can

When it came time to start painting the interior of the house, I thought I had the project well in hand, patting myself on the back for planning it so that paint would go up prior to any flooring, fixture or cabinet installations.

Shut the Front Door

When we first started work on the farmhouse, we initially planned to salvage and refinish the original front door. The door had a large window and two sizeable sidelights that let in plenty of sunshine.

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