You can raise cattle for dairy or meat.
How To Keep Livestock And Make Money

Decide if keeping livestock for profit is right for you and your hobby farm, and choose the right species to keep with this guide.

Southern Heritage Hogs

“If the ‘king’ of the antebellum southern economy was cotton, then the title of ‘queen’ must go to the pig.” –Sam Bowers Hilliard, author of Hog Meat and Hoecake: Food Supply in the Old South 1840-1860

Herb Basics: Growing Herbs

Herbs for the farm kitchen, for use in herbal medicines, herbal tea fanciers and herb crafters are growing herbs on their own. Learn the herb basics to begin your own herb garden.

Farm Safety Checklist

This farm checklist gives you basic tips and information for keeping your farm safe and preventing accidents.

Adopt A Donkey
Adopt A Donkey: The Donkey Adoption Option

Don’t let preconceived notions of rescue animals keep you from adopting a donkey. A good rescue donkey can provide an equine that suits your needs as well as your means.

spanish goats
Viva La Spanish Goat

Help preserve a piece of history by raising Spanish goats—a hardy meat goat of older origins.

Heirloom Pears

Pears have a long history of cultivation—grow a piece of the past on your farm with heirloom pear trees.

Whether your farm tills or uses no-till methods, here's some equipment for you.
Small-Farm Tillage And No-Till Equipment

When caring for a small farm, you don’t necessarily need large tractors or implements; smaller no-till and traditional tillage implements could be the best bet for your property.