Sue Weaver
Livestock Sitting 101

Considering livestock sitting? If you are an entrepreneurial spirit, learn what it takes to make livestock or farm sitting a viable business.

barn in winter
Winterize The Farm

Winterizing the farm: your home, barn, livestock and equipment with this advice. Come the first storm of the season, and you’ll be glad you did.

Harvesting Tools

No more harvesting the hard way! These inventive harvesting tools can make this trying time a bit easier.

Making Your Own Hay

Learn about making your own hay. If you have access to a patch of hay land, the equipment and you’d like to produce the best possible forage for you pets and livestock, do-it-yourself haymaking can still spell dollars and sense.

Roadside Farmstand with Local Vegetables and Fruit
Selling On The Roadside

A farmer talks about his roadside stand and selling produce on the roadside.

Make your own cheese at home, with recipes like Lemon Cheese.
Cheese Making Basics

While cheese making a fairly simple process, it helps to learn the basics before you begin.