Build a GAP-Approved Barrel Sink

Assure your freshly harvested vegetables are pathogen-free by building this food-grade sink as part of a complete wash station.

How to Site Your First Barn

Building your first barn can make your farm feel official, but before you start construction, give these things some thought.

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7 Barn Practices for Better Food Safety

If you’re pursuing USDA Good Agricultural Practices certification for your farm, look at these processing-building improvements to boost your audit score.

7 Clean-up Tips for Your Cluttered Barn

Barns and other farm outbuildings have a sneaky way of becoming messy. Put these tips to use so when you need that garden trowel, it’s not lost in the barn abyss.

Prefabricated barn kits make barn-building easier.

Prefabricated Barn Kits

Small-scale farmers can take the worry out of barn building with barn kits that are affordable and easy to assemble.

Spanish Goat

Spanish Goats

Some of the Spanish goat’s colorful regional names suggest one of their primary uses: they’re called “brush goats” and “briar goats” in the Carolinas, “wood goats” in Florida, “Hill goats” in Virginia, and “scrub goats” throughout their original range.

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