Prefabricated barn kits make barn-building easier.

Prefabricated Barn Kits

Small-scale farmers can take the worry out of barn building with barn kits that are affordable and easy to assemble.

Spanish Goat

Spanish Goats

Some of the Spanish goat’s colorful regional names suggest one of their primary uses: they’re called “brush goats” and “briar goats” in the Carolinas, “wood goats” in Florida, “Hill goats” in Virginia, and “scrub goats” throughout their original range.

Build A Better Barn For Your Farm

It’s possible to build a barn that balances your dream barn with practical reality. Read more on choosing a site, function, accessories, get online resources and read lessons learned.

Why Have a Farm Disaster Plan?

For most Americans, disaster is something we see on the evening news; yet preparing a farm disaster plan can help you prevent suffering that could occur should disaster strike your area.

barn building

Build The Ideal Barn

Picture your ideal barn. If money were no object and you could have every amenity you desired, what kind of barn and barn amenities would you have?

Gravel Pathways

Whether pathways on your farm are used for walkways between garden produce or for thoroughfares between barns and pastures, there’s a type of footing for every situation.

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