Nigerian Dwarf goat

Nigerian Dwarf

Because of their small size and easy-going personality, they do well on urban farms. Their milk is high in butterfat.

Nankin chicken


Because of their small size and gentle nature, Nankins can have trouble competing with larger fowl for food.


The Java does best when allowed to free-range.


Hamburgs tend to be active, flighty birds and don’t like to be confined. They fare best in free-ranging flocks.


Standard-sized Delaware chickens may be too large for small urban farms

Leghorn chicken


Leghorns tolerate confinement, so they are a good breed for an urban coop. They are intelligent and friendly if handled from a young age.


Campines are active and prefer to free range, but will tolerate confinement.

Silkie chickens


Silkies need particularly clean conditions to keep their feathers looking good.

White-faced Black Spanish

Young birds may take some time to develop the breed’s classic white face. White-faced Black Spanish chickens tolerate confinement well.

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