Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is easy to grow, highly productive, beautiful, tasty and totally underappreciated. Plants may bolt (or flower) during hot summer weather. Use leaves as a spinach substitute in any recipe or sautéed in olive oil with a bit of garlic.



Kale thrives in cool weather and is very frost tolerant, making it a great veggie for four-season gardens. Most varieties sweeten after a hard frost, so late-season harvests are often most flavorful. It’ a beautiful and nutritious vegetable that can be used in soups or stir-fries. It’s also delicious braised and sautéed.



Cabbage is an easy-to-grow, dependable vegetable that is useful for soups, slaws, stirfries and many ethnic dishes. Many different cabbage types and colors are available, making this vegetable as diverse as it is nutritious. Cover plants with floating row cover to deter cabbage worms, loopers and aphids.


Cochin chickens may be too big for small urban farms, but the breed does well in colder climates. Feed them greens daily for optimum health.

Jersey Giant

These large chickens require a lot of room in their coop. If provided enough space, they tolerate confinement.

Rhode Island Red chicken

Rhode Island Red

These birds can be aggressive with other chickens when kept in confinement.


The Alpine is a hardy goat known for its adaptability in different climates.

LaMancha goat


This medium-sized goat is known for being quiet and gentle.

Nubian goat


Nubians are on the large size, so they need more room than smaller breeds. They do well in warm climates and have a longer breeding season than many other goats.

Nigerian Dwarf goat

Nigerian Dwarf

Because of their small size and easy-going personality, they do well on urban farms. Their milk is high in butterfat.