Cold Weather Care For Your Farm’s Livestock

Cold weather is hitting much of the country hard, so here are some pointers for caring for livestock when the mercury drops.

Winter is here. And depending on where you live in the U.S., cold weather could be wreaking serious havoc on your life. Your livestock need some cold weather attention, too. Despite being notably hardier than their keepers, your animals need some basic comforts when the mercury drops.

Provide your livestock with shelter from elements associated with cold weather, if possible. If not, at least make sure they can feed in a windbreak area, such as a stand of cedars.

And don’t skimp on the feed! Eating and digestion helps animals maintain internal body temperatures and stay warm despite the cold weather.

Finally, make sure your animals have plenty of fresh, unfrozen water. Check on the water several times a day. Break up ice in frozen tanks, or, for smaller animals such as chickens, swap out a frozen waterer with one from inside.

(In the video, you’ll see another inventive way to keep water from freezing in the chicken coop.)

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