Mistletoe: More Than A Parasite

Although mistletoe is known to live off the energy of its host tree, it also provides food and habitat for various wildlife.

christmas cactus

Cacti For Christmas

These Brazil-native houseplants show their true colors just in time for the holidays.


The Poinsettia Christmas Story

Poinsettias can be found in many homes during the holidays, but this tradition stems from a humble gift said to be given to the Christ child.

Tithonia: A Winner In The Garden

A pollinator’s best friend and a flower that no pest can take down, tithonia is one flower you’ll want in your garden year after year.

lavender farm

How To Start A Lavender Farm

This smell-good, feel-good herb is a beautiful crop that’s sought after by florists, culinary pros, cosmetic companies and herbal-medicinal practitioners, so it can be a profitable crop for your farm.