Spare the Goldenrod, Spoil the Garden

Goldenrod was once undeservedly shunned from gardens. This sunny North American native plant was (and sadly still is) considered a weed in much of the country and is often blamed for causing hay fever, though its pollen is too heavy to be carried on the wind.

Blooms for Beneficials

If you have any extra room to grow on your farm, consider filling it with plants that naturally support beneficial insects.

Orchid Care

I got an email from a friend a few days ago telling me that her husband bought her an orchid plant for Christmas. She has always wanted one but has no clue how to take care of it.

My New Favorite Clematis

Do you think Santa might bring you a new arbor or trellis or pergola for Christmas? Well, if he does, I’ve got the plant for you!

Cutting Garden Favorite: Laceflower

I have a new favorite flower for the cutting garden! Although I often keep the wild Queen Anne’s lace seedlings that pop up in my garden just so I can cut the flowers and use them in bouquets, this pretty little annual has a similar look and feel.

Pineapple Sage: A Plea for Blooms

My pineapple sage didn’t bloom this year, so I’m going to overwinter it inside in hopes of an earlier start next year.

Wild Roses: Grow and Eat Them

Wild roses always have five petals—no more, no less—and while most are pink, some are white, yellow or red.

A View from Philly’s Flower Show

What an amazing sight the Philadelphia Flower Show was! Because pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll shut up now and you can some of my favorite images from the show.