Pineapple Sage: A Plea for Blooms

My pineapple sage didn’t bloom this year, so I’m going to overwinter it inside in hopes of an earlier start next year.

Wild Roses: Grow and Eat Them

Wild roses always have five petals—no more, no less—and while most are pink, some are white, yellow or red.

A View from Philly’s Flower Show

What an amazing sight the Philadelphia Flower Show was! Because pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll shut up now and you can some of my favorite images from the show.

Flower Shows

The Philadelphia Flower Show was last week and every year I swear I’m going to go and here passed another year without a trip.

Wildflowers 101

These wildflower identification cards fit perfectly in your bag or back pocket to take on your next nature hike.


As far as I can see, the two countries in the world that grow the most chrysanthemums are Japan and Italy.

Building New Garden Beds

The photo at right shows the new beds I’ve made on the southern border of the garden.

Plant and Grow Lavender

Learn more about growing lavender from Lavender Fields in Valley Center, Calif. The business has provided its owners with a serene place to work, live and dream.

Edible Weeds

Eliminate invasive plants: Eat a weed! From autumn olive berries to milkweed, try some of these delicious edible weed recipes.