In the Line of Fungi Fire

Artillery fungus is causing a lot of problems for us this year. It’s an organism that breaks down wood and is commonly found across the United States, including in landscape mulch.

Crop Profile: Microgreens

Flavor-packed and easy to grow, microgreens make a great addition to your growing plant—and your menu.

Wild Fennel

Wild fennel is available in most Italian markets.


Porcini Mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms are fairly easy to cultivate and harvest.

husk cherry tomatoes

Husk Tomatoes

Husk tomatoes are basically a wild species — and they’re easy to grow.

Wild (and Useful!) Herbs

Mom once portrayed a mixed-blood Ojibwe-French lady called Susanne Bouche when working at the Minnesota Historical Society. One of the things Susanne did was gather wild plants for food and medicine. Mom loved that part!


Eating Bugs

Bugs, it’s what’s for dinner.

10 Native Plants to Market

Finding a niche market for your native plants can be tricky. Use this guide to help get you started.