One Small Plum

Yesterday we picked the first plum from our tree.

Cherry Grafting

I was at my friend Richard’s house this week when his neighbor came over and grafted another one of Richard’s old cherry trees.

Berries: Autumn Treasures

As far as I’m concerned, late autumn is one of the most beautiful times in the garden.

Figs and Ferragosto

It’s fig-picking time here in Italy, and I get a significant amount of my daily snacks from the fig trees that are all over the place here.

Dreaming of a Raspberry Patch

We haven’t had a raspberry patch since we left our farm a few years ago, and I’ve been anxious to have one ever since but there was never the right place to put it.

green zebra tomato

Heirloom Tomato Choices

Heirloom tomatoes survive time. You can enjoy the history of these heirloom tomatoes as much as their enduring flavors.

Apples of Antiquity

Whether they’re called heirloom, heritage or historical, these time-honored apples of yesteryear are staging a dramatic comeback in orchards all over the world, and rightfully so.

Tips for Pest-Free Tomatoes

Keep your tomato plants pest-free this summer by monitoring tomato pest activity–and try these tips for an organic approach.