Growing Edible Vines

Beautiful is bountiful when you blend form and function in your gardenscape with fruiting vines.

Crop Profile: Grapes

Grow grapes in the orchard, the vineyard or the backyard to produce an abundant and beautiful fruit crop.

Crop Profile: Hardy Kiwi

Brilliantly colored hardy kiwis (and their fuzzy counterparts) can make great vines to add to your garden.

Crop Profile: Melons

Savor delicious fruits that can be beautiful, too, by including melon varieties in your edible landscape.



There are dozens of cantaloupe varieties on today’s market. Choose a variety best suited to your climate. Urban growers may want to choose a fast-maturing variety like Fastbreak or Lil Loupe, which also take a little less space.



Homegrown watermelons are as sweet as you can get. Smaller-fruited varieties like Petite Treat and Sugar Baby are good choices for smaller households. Yellow-flesh varieties have a sweet, mellow flavor and are good for gardeners wanting to try something different.

Galeux D'Eysines pumpkins

Boutique Pumpkin Varieties

Don’t think a plain orange pumpkin is your only option. Specialty pumpkin varieties turn heads on the farm with their rainbow of colors, textures and styles.

Green pumpkin in the garden

How To Grow Pumpkins

Growing pumpkins and squash is simple. Use these tips to get your pumpkin patch started.


Holy blueberries! Hands down this has been the best year for blueberries I have ever had.