When Do You Harvest Ginger?

Don’t think you have to live in a tropical location to grow this staple of Asian cuisine—with the right garden tools, you can harvest it anywhere.


Hibiscus For Heart Health

This tropical plant has a native-growing cousin that can be added to your herbal medicine cabinet.


Meadowsweet And Its Connection To Aspirin

Salicylic acid, whether isolated or contained within a medicinal plant, can be helpful to many people, though it’s important to exercise caution when using it.

bee, flower

6 Uses For Comfrey On The Farm

With all the reasons for using comfrey to help your farm, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start growing it sooner.

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Make A Winter Evergreen Salve

Soothe sore muscles and ease chest congestion with a homemade salve made from pine, fir and juniper needles.

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The Shy Blue Cohosh

This woodland herb with mysterious blue coloring is particular in its growing habits, and it’s delicate way of living is under threat.

The 13 Best Companion Plants

These crop companions not only add a dose of pretty to your garden, they’ll help prevent pests, enrich your soil and can be harvested, as well.