When a Company Goes Away

It’s happened to all of us. We have a piece of equipment we like, and then one day, the company that produces it goes away. They close their doors and cut off the phones. There was a time when we were left holding the phone in frustration.

Check Tire Pressure

With the rising price of gas, the inevitable news stories will remind us to check our tire pressure to save fuel.

Broken Hydraulic-powered Loader

Hydraulic power is one of the greatest of on-farm labor savers. The problem with a labor saver is when they don’t work, you hate to go back to doing without.

Rough-cut Mowers

Clean up brush and weeds with the rough-cut mower that’s right for your farm and equipment.

Portable Sawmills

Avoid trips to the lumberyard. Cut your own wood and mill it, too, with a portable sawmill.

Farm Quad Bike

All-Terrain Farming

ATVs offer benefits to farmers; ongoing farm tasks are no match for an ATVs versatility

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