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Names of Farm Equipment

Tractors, backhoes, balers, plows, harrows, seed drills—learn the basic principles and pricing of 24 pieces of farm equipment and agricultural machinery that might be good investments for your farm.

tractor tires

Buying New Tires For Old Tractors

Keeping your old tractor in service isn’t as easy as running to the dealership. Repairing and replacing the tires may take some extra skill and research.

Change Your Tractor’s Oil Yourself

As a regular part of your farm’s equipment-maintenance routine, follow these steps to perform a tractor oil change and save yourself a trip to the service shop.

Can You Afford That Tool?

Before you make a farm equipment purchase, ask yourself whether you can afford the machine’s true cost over time.

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7 Cleanup Tips for Your Cluttered Barn

Barns and other outbuildings have a way of becoming messy. Follow these tips for order, safety and the ability to find tools when you need them.

7 Daily Tractor Maintenance Tasks

Before revving up your tractor’s engine for the workday, use this daily maintenance checklist ensure this important piece of small-farm equipment is running smoothly.