spider mite, leaf

How To Control Spider Mites

Don’t let spider mite infestations get out of control along with summer’s heat. Here’s how to keep their populations in check.

avocado tree

Invasive Beetle Threatens U.S. Avocados

The redbay ambrosia beetle, carrying a fungal disease damaging to avocado trees, is spreading through the U.S. while researchers aim to stop it in its tracks.

invasive plant

Battle Invasive Plants During Planting Day

In the first National Planting Day, groups across the country commit to planting native species to encourage native wildlife and stop the spread of invasive species.

rosa multiflora

Multiflora Rose: Invasive Weed (and Yummy Treat)

Do you have multiflora rose on your farm? We do. It grows down in the hollow near our pond. Sometimes Mom takes Uzzi and me down to to the hollow to browse, and we love nibbling multiflora rose petals.

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