4 Foods that Boost Soil Nitrogen

Plants in the legume family have the ability to fix nitrogen in your farm’s soil, but these four crops will feed you, too.

permaculture salad

Create a Permaculture Plate

While permaculture may be a buzz word in sustainable-agriculture circles, most of the discussion focuses on garden planning and growing, not taking the concept all the way to the plate.

permaculture vegetable garden

Get into the Permaculture Zone

Start thinking of your farm as a set of concentric circles, all with their own purpose and function, and you’re on your way to success in permaculture design.

Becoming a Student of Permaculture

If you want to go beyond books or if you learn best in a social setting, consider taking a permaculture workshop or even a certification course.

Home Schooling Permaculture

It wasn’t until reading Gaia’s Garden, written by Toby Hemenway and published by Chelsea Green, that I began to understand permaculture and the science behind it.

Permaculture: Getting Started

You can begin integrating permaculture methods into your garden, yard or farm with simple, subtle changes.

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