turkey vulture

Nature’s Cleaning Crew: Vultures

Sometimes people ask our mom, “What is your favorite bird?” They think she’s kidding when she says “the vulture,” but she’s not.


Broomcorn for the Birds

I have really been enjoying watching the birds this winter. Although they always love the black oil sunflower seeds and suet we put out for them, this year they seem to be particularly fond of the broomcorn a farmer friend gave to me.

bird décor

Décor For The Birds

If you’re looking for a new, fun Christmas tradition, try this: Create a Christmas tree for wild birds.


Brave Carrier Pigeons!

Last week, when Uzzi and I were checking the news, we read about a pigeon that carried messages for the British Army during World War II, more than 70 years ago.

American goldfinch

American Goldfinches

When the perennial borders do well, so do the American goldfinches. This year is no exception.

wildlife habitat

Create Wildlife Habitats

Learn how to use wildlife habitats–like nest boxes and travel corridors–to help manage wildlife on your farm.

nest box

Building Nest Boxes

Learn how building nest boxes and installing them on your farm can help manage wildlife that lives and visits there.

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