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February 18, 2009

Get a free calendar with healthy chicken tips

Biosecurity Tips
3 Steps To Prevent Poultry Diseases

Look for Signs

  • Know the warning signs of infectious bird diseases

Report Sick Birds

  • Call toll-free, 866–536–7539, to be put in touch with a local contact.

Protect Your Birds

  • Keep It Clean: Keep everything that comes in contact with your birds clean.
  • Keep visitors away from your property and your birds.

Source: USDA, Biosecurity for Birds

We know you love chickens (They’re one of the first types of livestock you add to your hobby farms! Check out the results of our survey>>)

We want you to keep them safe, too.

The USDA has a free calendar 2009  (and a website) with tips and reminders about how to keep your backyard or farm chickens and other birds free from disease.

We have one to give away, too!

Just be the first person to post a photo of your chickens in the Hobby Farms Forum under Livestock! Put the words “Chicken Calendar” somewhere in the subject line.

(NOTE: Be sure to include a current email address in when you send up your user information so we can get in touch with you.)

The highly pathogenic avian influenza is one bird disease of the greatest concern.

To order your free calendar and other related publications, visit the Biosecurity for Birds web page.

Read More About Chickens

Find a few basic tips for preventing chicken disease. Click to continue>>


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