soil test

How to Read Your Soil Test

Although ordering and interpreting a soil test is far from glamorous, it will give you key facts about your soil that will help make your garden a success.

hand pruners

5 Tools I Can’t Garden Without

While I have plenty of useful tools in my shed, there are five items that I can’t garden without. What’s your favorite must-have gardening item?

Garden Find: Peel Away Pots

I have always grown my own transplants in either plastic nursery six-packs or in peat pots, but this year I think I might try something new.

Leafminer Diseases

2 Tools to Outsmart Garden Pests

Pest insects are always on my list of garden challenges, but what I and many other gardeners have discovered is that with pests, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

garden tools, hand tools

Italian Hand Tools

I love my hand tools. When I moved to Italy, my largest packing crates were filled with tools.

Building a Soil Sifter

This easy building project–a soil sifter–is a great way to build confidence using power tools.

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