Butterfly Farming Checklist

Thinking about trying your hand at butterfly farming? Here are some items you’ll need before getting started.

The Accidental Assassin (Bug)

My son and I found the strangest insect in our house the other day. It was climbing on the woodwork around the front door. Since working on my most recent book, I have come to greatly appreciate bugs and pay careful attention to the ones I find in my garden. This one, though, had me intrigued.

Stinkbugs Stink!

Stupid stinkbugs have ruined my corn! I was so excited to harvest my Jade Blue sweet corn, but when I peeled back the husk, the kernels are all shriveled and warped. The foliage is completely covered with stinkbugs and the white splotchy damage caused by their feeding.

Of Bugs and Berries

I headed to the raspberry patch last night to pick a few berries for dessert and couldn’t help but notice how alive the plants were. All sorts of insects were out and about and I was struck with how many different insects were in one 8- by 8-foot patch of brambles—and these were just the ones I could see!

Aphid Mummies

While I was out in the garden, I came across something very interesting that I learned about while researching my book, Good Bug, Bad Bug, but I never had the opportunity to see in my own garden.

Beetles and More

Asparagus beetles! The adults are munching on the spears and I suspect that, as evidenced by the other activity they are currently participating in, there will be lots of eggs there soon, too.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Bugs

Are those good bugs or bad bugs lurking in your garden? Before you spray, find out if that creepy-looking bug is really a hazard to your garden.

Benefical Insects Information

Learn more about the army of beneficial insects–predatory and parasitic–available to help you get rid of bad bugs in your garden.