4 Ways to Prevent Japanese Beetles

In researching an article I recently wrote, I came across some interesting information about preventing Japanese beetles in the garden. I thought I might share the advice with you now so you’ll be better prepared to battle them next season.

Stink Bug Studies

The stink bugs have been terrible here this fall. A recent introduction from Asia, the brown marmorated stink bug has really become problematic for gardeners and homeowners in the East, and its range is spreading.

Incomplete Metamorphosis of Milkweed Bugs

Last spring, I planted a handful of different types of milkweed in my garden. They hosted several monarch caterpillars this year, though I was never able to find any of the chrysalises.

Daddy Longlegs

Yesterday, Uzzi and I were lounging, chewing cud, when Uzzi said, “What’s that?” There was a long-legged, spider-like thing crawling along his back.

Praying Mantises in the Garden

In May, I purchased a praying-mantis egg case from a local nursery and put it out into the garden. A few weeks later, the eggs hatched, and initially, several hundred baby praying mantises were clinging to my plants.

Dung Beetles

The other day, Uzzi and I were lying in the shade chewing cud when we glanced down and our eyes bugged out—there was a shiny black beetle pushing a big ball of manure with his back feet.

Bushes for Butterflies

I have always loved butterfly bushes. Their big panicles of flowers are magnets for butterflies of all sorts, and at a mature height of up to 6 feet, they make quite the impression.

Pictures: 6 Garden Insect Eggs

I have spent a good amount of time this spring searching my yard for insects. I have a new book in the works with Timber Press about beneficial insects and am shooting many of the pictures myself.

Garden Enemies

Learn about five pest insects that could be wreaking havoc in your garden.