Shiitake Mushrooms

Not only do shiitake mushrooms enhance the flavor of many dishes, they are also known for their medicinal properties, including research concluding immune-function increase, and they are often used in Japan as a complementary alternative medicine by cancer patients.

Oyster mushroom profitable

Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are the most widely eaten mushrooms in the world and very easy to grow. Their oyster-like flavor makes them great in soups.

porchino mushrooms

Mushroom Season

Gino shows off the huge Porcini mushroom he foraged this year. It’s a good fall for collecting mushrooms this year. My wife and I drove up into the mountains this week to attend an agricultural festival, and the side of the road on the way up was dotted with the parked cars of mushroom hunters. We saw […]

Mother’s Day Quiche

For a dish that will win over your mom for brunch, lunch or even dinner, this quiche is full of goodness and fresh flavor.

Eat This: Safe Foraged Foods Guide

Why pass up the green and blooming bounty around your homestead that many count as weeds or decoration: Make something to eat instead!

Pheasant With Mushrooms and Cream Sauce

Try something different than the usual poultry this fall. Try this recipe for pheasant with mushrooms and cream sauce. Prepare a succulent pheasant instead.

We tried our hand at growing shiitake mushrooms. It took over a year for the results, but the work finally paid off. Three pounds of these beautiies picked today, and lots more to come.

Mushroom Farming

The mushroom farming industry could use a few more good growers. Learn how to begin this crop on your farm.

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