Of Bugs and Berries

I headed to the raspberry patch last night to pick a few berries for dessert and couldn’t help but notice how alive the plants were. All sorts of insects were out and about and I was struck with how many different insects were in one 8- by 8-foot patch of brambles—and these were just the ones I could see!

Protect Your Garden Against Wildlife

Courtesy Hemera/Thinkstock Use wire mesh to keep wild rabbits from enjoying a lunch from your garden. As you begin to salivate over the luscious tomatoes and crispy peppers you’ll soon have growing in your garden, think about how you can get the fruits of your labor to the dinner table unblemished. While starting plants from seed […]

Defending Against Deer

It has been a cold, snow-covered winter—certainly not as much snow as last year, but the cover has been consistent for more than two months. It’s good for the plants, I suppose—a bit of extra insulation and some protection from the deer is never a bad thing.

Deer Problems Return

For the past several years we have had a bit of a deer problem in our front yard and garden. When we moved into our house, I knew there was the potential for deer problems, and they seem to be getting worse as time goes on.

Stink Bugs

I’ve been finding all these little bugs in the garden all summer long that I couldn’t identify at first.

Snake Time

We don’t have too may poisonous snakes here in Rapallo. I’ve been hiking around in the woods here for eight years now, and I’ve never even seen one, as hard as I might be trying.

Botanical Pesticides

Call them nature’s avengers – these botanical pesticides that come from the plants themselves are some of the most potent pesticides.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Bugs

Are those good bugs or bad bugs lurking in your garden? Before you spray, find out if that creepy-looking bug is really a hazard to your garden.

Keep Your Garden Protected

Protect your garden using planting strategies, fences and even owls–help keep deer and other critters away.