The 13 Best Companion Plants

These crop companions not only add a dose of pretty to your garden, they’ll help prevent pests, enrich your soil and can be harvested, as well.


Garden Pest Guide

Eight of the most commonly spotted and easily recognized garden pests.

praying mantis

Organic Pest Management

Eliminate chemical use in your garden with integrated pest management techniques.

spider mite, leaf

How To Control Spider Mites

Don’t let spider mite infestations get out of control along with summer’s heat. Here’s how to keep their populations in check.

raspberry cane

How to Control Raspberry Cane Borers

This pest can wreak havoc on your berry patch if left unattended, but fortunately, control is easy and you can save your berries.

rose slug

How to Control Rose Slugs

These tiny maggots can be hard to see, but they can do crazy damage to your rose bushes.