Easy-To-Light Luminary

Don’t burn your fingers trying to light a homemade tin-can luminary ever again. This project will create a cute little light that will save your hands.

Pressed-Plant Wall Art

Press and preserve flowers—or weeds!—to bring the beauty of the garden indoors to enjoy for years to come.

Washer Necklace

In less than 10 minutes, turn tool-box leftovers into an instant piece of jewelry.

Easy DIY Memo Board

In just minutes, you can customize a station to display household treasures or keep track of important paperwork.

homemade paper

Papermaking with Kids

Teach your children a fun way to recycle with this activity the whole neighborhood can enjoy.

DIY Hip Basket for Harvesting

Don’t drop or lose your harvesting basket ever again. This hip basket ensures your fresh produce is always within hand’s reach.