Fabric Folders

Try this simple tool to ease the process of crafting your braided rug.

Rug Hooking Rx

With a sunny forecast on the horizon at last, I had huge plans to conquer the garden this past weekend and celebrate my conquest with a nice, long bike ride.

When Life Gives You Wool

I don’t want to give you the impression that sheep are stupid; they’re definitely not.

Knitting Therapy

Awhile back I discovered a forgotten ball of yarn in the little box on my spinning wheel.

Washing Goat Fiber

If you raise goats for their fiber or obtain goat fiber you need to process, you’ll need to find out about washing fiber first.

Rust Dyeing Fabric

Rust need not be a nuisance. Learn how to rust dye to create unique designs on fabric using rusty objects.

Spinning a Yarn of Your Own

Envy your sheep’s warm, wooly coats no longer! Learn how to go from “sheep to shawl” by spinning your own yarn.

Harvesting Color

Use nature’s bounty to create beautiful, natural fiber dyes.

Farmhouse Crafts

Have some fun with some of these farmhouse crafts.

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