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Investigation Underway After Animals Found Malnourished On Virginia Farm

While some of the animals were in serious need of veterinary care, several others were found dead.

by Heidi StrawnOctober 20, 2015

Investigation Underway After Animals Found Malnourished on Virginia Farm (HobbyFarms.com)
Screenshot via NEWSPLEX


Anyone who has animals knows the importance of keeping them healthy, especially if they’re animals being used on a farm. However, that necessity was allegedly disregarded on a farm in Virginia. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating the case, NEWSPLEX reports.

The police received several complaints about the farm and executed a search warrant this past Monday. They found more than 100 horses, as well as dogs and cats, according to NEWSPLEX. Veterinarians have been on the property to do medical evaluations of all of the animals; the results so far have been that a large number of them need veterinary care, while others were dead by the time authorities arrived.

“It’s rather devastating,” Sheriff Mark Amos told NEWSPLEX. “I’ve seen something like this before but not to this magnitude.”

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NEWSPLEX reports that authorities spoke with the farm owner, but no comments have been revealed. At press time, no additional information has been released.


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