baked curry chicken cracklings recipe

Recipe: Baked Curry Chicken Cracklings

This twist on a traditional Southern appetizer has less grease and more crunch than the pork-skin original. Garlic and rosemary make it irresistible.

hard boiled egg with seasoned oil

Hard Boiled Eggs With Hot Thyme Oil

As your chickens’ egg production ramps up, here’s a recipe will takes your typical hard-boiled egg from ho-hum to extraordinary.

chive butter

Goat-Milk Chive Butter

You can enjoy goat-milk butter in many ways. Try your own variation of herbs and spices in this recipe for goat-milk chive butter.

Crab-and-cheese stuffed jalepenos

Crabby Jalapeño Bombs

These appetizers have everything you need: decadence, a little bit of kick and, of course, bacon.

Country Pate

Country Pâté

Make the most of your meat “extras” with this recipe from The Meat Hook, a whole-animal butcher shop in Brooklyn, N.Y.