Korean Scallion Pancakes

A delicious companion to seafood, these dippable pancakes bring Asian flare into your farmhouse.

Russian Blini

Present these pancakes as appetizers at your next dinner party alongside an aperitif.


Chicken Empanadas with Guasacaca Sauce

At our farm and bed-and-breakfast, we offer a tasting tour of our gardens, allowing guests to nibble on pea tendrils, fresh strawberries or lemon balm as we walk. However, when the roles are flipped and we become the travelers, we never pass up the chance to become culinary tourists, as well.

Shrimp and Mango Jalapeño Poppers

If you grow jalapeño peppers and you’re wondering what to do with them all this summer, there’s nothing like transforming your bumper crop into a gourmet appetizer.

butter rolls

Butterhorn Rolls From FarmHer

Most of us just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, throw some joke comments around and move on to the guacamole bowl. Others, like Marji Guyler-Alaniz, see much more and draw inspiration for food-system change.

permaculture salad

Create a Permaculture Plate

While permaculture may be a buzz word in sustainable-agriculture circles, most of the discussion focuses on garden planning and growing, not taking the concept all the way to the plate.

7 Ways to Keep Alliums for Long-term Use

Have an excess of onions, garlic, shallots and leeks? Make sure none go to waste with these tips for storing, preserving and using your favorite alliums.

Farmstead Potato Leek Dumplings

We’re always looking for ways to get back to our food traditions, often influenced by ethnic or cultural heritage.