Make this savory pancake in your cast-iron skillet to turn Mediterranean street food a farmhouse favorite.



This simple pancake made with cornmeal can be taken on the go as a hearty snack.

Whole-wheat Pancakes

These basic pancakes are fluffy and perfect for soaking up your homemade maple syrup.

Plain Bagels

Use this basic bagel recipe as a blank canvas for painting with your favorite kitchen ingredients.

Cure the Cooking Rut: Zucchini Feta Pancakes

Early August brings on a brief but annual culinary rut, an odd confession, we realize, given that right now fresh garden fare is in peak abundance and gifts us with a daily cornucopia of seasonal produce for ingredients.

A “Breakfast Egg Flower” Treat

Taste and nutrition can look great, too. The Green Apple Inn’s Breakfast Egg Flower, prepared by innkeeper Samantha Laskowski, is such an example.

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