A “Breakfast Egg Flower” Treat

Taste and nutrition can look great, too. The Green Apple Inn’s Breakfast Egg Flower, prepared by innkeeper Samantha Laskowski, is such an example.

Cinnamon-chip Scones

Make yourself a special breakfast treat with these scones that go well with coffee or tea.

Apricot Oatmeal Bars

There’s no need to relegate apricot preserves to the role of breakfast-toast spread.

Cinnamon Cherry Muffins

Brighten up a traditional muffin recipe by adding fresh cherries from your orchard tree.

Kitchen Creation: Eggs Benedict

There’s nothing more enticing to the eye, nose and palate than eggs Benedict, especially when made with a couple slices of Canadian bacon and poached farm-fresh eggs with their nutrient-rich orange yolks. It’s a work of art on the farm-breakfast plate.

Poached-egg Perfection

When we say we’re farmstead chefs, it means we operate from a kitchen that looks out onto a farmyard, not from a stainless-steel commercial kitchen with a cacophony of cooking gear and a fancy set of matching knives. We’re first to admit, we don’t even own a chef’s knife.

Toad in the Hole

This simple breakfast casserole has its origins in England, where it has taken the chill off many a cold morning.

Slow-cooker Breakfast

Assemble this hearty breakfast before bed for a warm and delicious greeting come morning.

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