basil pesto

Recipe: Farm-fresh Basil Pesto

Blessed with an over-abundance of basil? Try this fun pesto recipe-the nuts and garlic add just the right punch!

Greek-style Grill Rub

Try this grill rub based on dried garlic and salt–using a variety of dried ingredients like dried lemon peel and dried oregano.

Dried Tomato Pesto

This pesto made with dried tomatoes could become a farm pantry staple.

Zippy Green Catsup

Using your fresh herbs like cilantro and mint try this tangy green catsup

Herbal Syrups

Use your fresh herbs to make your own herbal syrups

Strawberry Jam

Strawberries are a star attraction in this jam — as well as at pick-your-own operations, farmers’ markets and maybe even your own backyard.

Flavored Butters: Ideas to Try

If you like to experiment with things like homemade butter in the kitchen, you’ll love trying these ideas for flavored butter.

Herbal Vinegar

Use these herbal vinegars made with herbs from your farm garden in any recipe that calls for vinegar.