White Chocolate Mint Fudge

This fudge has the smooth flavor of white chocolate with the pleasant surprise of fresh spearmint, prefect for a spring or summer brunch.

Strawberry Marshmallows

Draw on spring garden inspiration to concoct a light and fluffy homemade treat.

Buckwheat Pudding

Bubblegum flavors from anise hyssop flowers come through subtly in the finish of this beguiling dessert.

Egg Tarts

Fashion these elegant, bite-sized desserts for a holiday treat that will impress.

Rustic Apple Walnut Galettes

Make these mini rustic pies for your next harvest feast or combine the ingredients for one delicious apple dessert.

Dark and Rich Chocolate Cream Pie

The silky, smooth filling in this pie has the pleasant bitterness of dark chocolate topped with a lightly sweetened whipped cream that doesn’t overshadow its rich flavor.


Make Your Own Mackinac Island Fudge

There’s no better place on Earth to learn about—and sample!—fudge than on Mackinac Island. If you arrive during the Fudge Festival, all the better.