Lemon and Olive Oil Cake

This light-tasting cake’s flavors are accentuated by a drizzle of Plum-Orange Purée.

Plum-Orange Purée

Liven up a plain cake or summer cut of meat with a drizzle of this beautiful fruit sauce.

Banana-rum Trifle

Spirited beverages pair nicely with sweets and give them a little kick. Give this duo a try.

Easy Blueberry-Orange Parfait

With a dessert this fresh (and beautiful), we won’t tell if you skip your dinner and head straight for the parfait.

Rhubarb Fritters: Springtime Garden Indulgence

The early warm weather this May gifted our farm with a more-bountiful-than-usual rhubarb patch. Having already worked through our usual rhubarb repertoire of muffins and coffeecakes on our B&B guests, we took this tangy, red springtime garden treat to new levels this weekend by whipping out the fryer.

Classic Pound Cake

Treat yourself to this classic cake topped with the season’s freshest fruit.

Festive Zabaglione

Let this decadent Italian custard pudding take center stage at the dessert table.

Meringue Cookies

Use egg whites from your chickens to make this sweet springtime treat.

peppermint biscotti

Clear Out the Pantry and Try New Recipes

Every January, our family plays a game that avoids waste and saves us money and avoids waste. No coupon clipping or deprivation is required. We don’t even need to leave our farmhouse.