Key Lime Pie in a Glass

We’re still drawing culinary inspiration from our jaunt to the Florida Keys this past winter, and when Lisa saw fresh key limes at our local grocery store, the timing was perfect to bring the taste of the tropics to the farmstead.

Pear Ginger Soda

This sweet soda draws on flavors both adults and kids will love!

Strawberry Soda

Veer away from manufactured soda drinks and create this low-sugar version from farm-fresh strawberries.

New Year’s Toast—With Shakes!

Blenders aren’t just for frozen margaritas in the summer. They can turn fresh and frozen garden abundance into a raw and vegan meal that comes in shake form.

Cheers to Tradition: Tom and Jerry Cocktails

As we’ve been sharing thoughts on holiday food traditions, from the old to the unexpected, it’s time during those relaxing days between Christmas and New Year’s to revisit tradition.

Nutritive Tea

Improve your immune system and fight minor sicknesses with this herbal tea that can be made at home with plants gleaned from your farm.

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