The Truth About Sugary Drinks

There’s no sugar coating it. Drinking too much sugary soda pop leads to all sorts of health problems—none of which result in happy endings.

Making Apple Cider

The pure, unadulterated, sweet taste of fall: raw, unfiltered apple cider. We couldn’t think of a better way to spend an autumn day on the land with friends, pressing fresh apple cider in community.

Farmstead Summer Sangria

While we love our fair share of fresh summer fruit plain and delicious on its own, the heat inspired us to use our friends’ fruit contributions in a liquid form, and our Farmstead Summer Sangria came to life.

Hot Gingered-apple Cider

Come in from the cold, and warm up with cider made with the season’s finest spices.

Sweet Chocolate: Hot Cocoa Mix

Most folks associate the do-it-yourself movement with building bookshelves or birdhouses, saving money by making your own. But there’s another group of DIYers that play around with things like making cocoa and dry milk, homemade equivalents of processed food with healthier, better-quality ingredients.

Fresh Mint Tea

Take a moment to relax with this herbal tea made fresh from the garden.

Hot Chocolate

Keep this mix on hand for a tasty and frugal way to warm up your holiday season.

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